-Powered. Regime-Focused.

Stovell Research is an AI-powered quant platform that delivers forward-looking, regime-focused solutions to investment teams.


Proven Systems

Our proprietary systems have been live since 2003, built on algorithms that focus on inflections in market risk regimes.
Our advantage:
 Proprietary factors
 Proprietary industry groupings
 All models generated through supervised machine learning

Your Investment Process

Our platform has been designed to easily mesh with your investment process and transform market risk from a source of danger to a
 Competitive advantage

Stronger Decisions

Leading hedge fund and long-only investment teams build wins with Stovell Research:
 Properly sizing best ideas
 ID new risks before they become obvious
 Powerful hedging solutions

Our Product Suite


Highlights inflections in market regime for single stock, industry, any portfolio.

Easy, powerful, 100% browser-based.


A.I. service that generates daily forward-risk signals at the stock level for a holding period that client defines.

Supervised machine learning neural net built on TensorFlow, run on AWS.


An add-on to Sector Vision that uses A.I. to generate probabilistic expected returns for industry group or stock.

Forward looking “killer app” that leverages our proprietary factors.

From Our Clients

“You guys are the best in the business at identifying major inflections early.”

- CIO at $3B global long short hedge fund

“We like that your product was developed within a profitable fund instead of a big research shop.”

- Health Care Analyst at $1.5B multi-strategy hedge fund

“I love your Sector Vision, it’s the most valuable market risk product we use. We are driven by the fundamentals, but we need to be on top of market risk and this is a very fast and easy way for us to understand it.”

- Portfolio Manager of $15B long-only fund

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