Machine Learning for Marketplaces

AI Leadership

Stovell Research is an AI-powered quantitative platform that delivers next generation pricing & demand forecast solutions to leading investment firms and large corporations with complex value chains.

We are leaders in harnessing the most powerful machine learning technologies to build next generation solutions focused on solving the unique challenges associated with dynamic marketplaces.

Technology Advantage

Stovell Research has developed proprietary market-focused machine learning techniques, systems, and algorithms to develop superior predictive solutions for use in complex business environments.

We leverage a powerful expertise in deep neural nets, advanced recurrent network architecture, and developing engineered features.

Our platform robustly manages training and inference of hundreds of AI models, generating millions of signals each day in production.

Powering Customer Wins

Stovell Research expects to be our clients’ #1 vendor/partner: Technology + Team + ROI.

Portfolio managers in major investment firms rely on Stovell Research to deliver superior alpha and profit generation programs.

Fortune 500 companies rely on Stovell Research to forecast customer demand with radically improved accuracy. We have produced ROI on a massive scale through both price and inventory optimization.

Financial Markets

Hedge funds, investment banks, long-only funds
Systematic hedging solutions
Night Vision
Portfolio profit maximization
Regime Vision
Inflections in market risk
Sector Vision
Custom derivatives and arbitrage solutions.
X Vision financial

Commercial Marketplaces

Global large B2B with complex value chains
Customer & product forecasting
Demand Vision
Price elasticity & optimization
Price Vision
Inventory & fulfillment
Supply Vision
Custom marketplace modeling solutions
X Vision Commercial

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